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Cooling with Whole-house Fans

On Florida’s Treasure Coast, we are blessed with fantastic weather. The cool Gulf Stream waters running through the Florida Straits and then north off the Treasure Coast keeps temperatures moderate a few miles inland.  On the hottest of summer days, we enjoy cool evenings with an ocean breeze.

A system using whole-house fans.

A whole-house fan system.

However, in a close home,  heat buildup during the day remains in the home throughout the night even when the temperature outside your home is cooler than the temperatures inside. This creates the need to run the air conditioner at night for comfort. Those cool nights makes the Treasure Coast the perfect location to use whole-house fans, an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning.

Using the AC to remove all this pent-up heat is not only expensive, but it requires spending evenings sealed up indoors. Using a whole house fan offers you the luxury of pulling in fresh, cool air from outside. Your home is cooled naturally, allowing you to reduce or even eliminate the need to run your air conditioner completely.


The whole-house fans pull air in from open windows and exhausts it through the attic and roof. They provides good attic ventilation in addition to whole house cooling. Whole-house fans should provide houses with anywhere from 1 to 60 air changes per hour (varies with climate, floor plan, etc.—check with a professional to determine what is appropriate for your home). The air-change rate you will choose depends on your climate and how much you will depend on the whole-house fan for cooling.


Installing a whole-house fan is tricky and should be done by a professional. Whole-house fans are installed between the ceiling in the living space and the attic. Whole-house fans are quiet and energy efficient, designed to run the entire night and consume little wattage.

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